Use Of Geospatial Technologies (GIS) As Support System For Spatial Thinking And Planning For Counties

The Council of Governors is in partnership with Food and Agricultural Organization has organized a webinar to address the Use of Geo spatial technologies as a support system for spatial thinking and planning for Counties:

Theme: “GIS Technologies as an instrument to promoting County Spatial Planning”

Sub-theme: “Promoting spatial thinking and planning using GIS technologies”

Domain 1: Integrating the application and Use of GIS in county spatial planning

Domain 2: Share the best practices related to GIS technologies


GIS is a powerful technology, and has found use in many sectors of the economy with great success. GIS helps governments collate and analyse the quantities of data needed to address a wide range of social and economic issues. It cuts across nearly all disciplines, provides a common language for discussion, and acts as a means to bring governments, agencies, and constituents together in the decision making process. As large scale producers, custodians and consumers of spatial data, the use of GIS in data management and decision-making for the counties becomes inevitable.

Section 105 of the county government’s act of 2012 requires county governments to prepare County Spatial Plan which is (GIS) based. GIS as rapid evolving and expanding technology is one of the key technologies that the county governments will find useful in conducting their business. Amongst other benefits, counties will make informed decisions on effective utilization of resources, equality in distribution of development, and space-based planning.

Despite this requirement being in existence for more than seven years, as of today, few counties have established GIS units. The lack of resources and awareness on the power of GIS was quoted as the key hindrances to achievement of this legal requirement. This COP and webinar serves to fill this gap - to provide practical, structured steps on how to plan, implement and manage GIS in the counties.


The purpose of this Community of Practice and webinar therefore is to collate experiences, ideas and approaches to be adopted by County Governments to utilize geo spatial technologies (GIS) as a high-tech support system for spatial thinking




The objectives of the COP and webinar are to:

• Objective 1 Why Is Geographic Information Systems Important?

• Objective 2 How GIS is used in the world for rational planning and decision making process?-

• Objective 3 Meet the legal requirement of the law on preparing County Spatial Plans:

• Objective 4 Application of GIS in the establishment, use and management LIMS:


• Outcome 1: Can more counties apply this approach to geospatial information management, and be able to implement evidence-based solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges.

• Outcome 2: Checklist of (a) County challenges and (b) good practices in the use of spatial technologies beyond statutory compliance.

• Outcome 3: Measures to institutionalize of peer learning among counties as a strategy for promoting GIS and the Physical, Land-Use, Spatial & Integrated Strategic Urban Development Planning.

• Outcome 4: Specific policy recommendations and commitments to increase financial budgeting for Physical and Land use planning at the county level, to be submitted to Excellency Governors at a high-level feedback forum.

Below find the Link to the event

Country wide
Land, Housing and Urban
• Virtual Webinar
Wednesday Oct 14, 2020 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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