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Maarifa CentreKenya's Council of Governors (CoG) is a non-partisan organization composed of the Governors of the nation’s forty-seven counties. The council strives to promote visionary leadership, and share best practices by promoting inter-county consultations, and encouraging and initiating knowledge and information sharing.

The Council of Governors and its partners have established the Maarifa Centre (“Knowledge Centre”) as “Kenya’s Premier Devolution Knowledge Sharing and Learning Platform for effective Governance and Service Delivery”. The Maarifa Centre serves as an important national platform to document and share experiences, innovations and solutions on Kenya’s devolution journey.

For the Maarifa Centre to more effectively manage this knowledge and ensure experiences and lessons learned are systematically captured and shared across the organization, with partners, and other government entities, a Knowledge Sharing System (KSS) is required to resourcefully capture, share, and manage critical knowledge.

Therefore, while the Maarifa Centre is primarily a platform that allows for face-to-face exchanges and interactions amongst government officials in counties and nationally, it will also feature an online presence. This online platform will serve as the primary knowledge repository and “go-to place” for anybody interested in quick access to how-to knowledge on Kenya devolution. It will also allow for online exchanges, peer learning and discussions. The Maarifa Centre team has developed a vision and strategy for its operations, and now will progress to designing a Knowledge Sharing System (KSS) that supports and captures its expectations for an online platform.

As part of growing the Maarifa Centre’s knowledge sharing capabilities, a two-day workshop was held from March 29th-30th with staff to achieve the following objectives:


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