Capturing Solutions For County Learning And Scaling Up: Training Workshop For USIU Students


COG–Maarifa Centre is on a mission to build capacity for knowledge management in Kenya and to support the identification and documentation of county innovations, best practices, and other successful initiatives that are transforming service delivery in the country. CoG–Maarifa Centre encourages sharing of information on the performance of the counties in the execution of their functions with the objective of learning and promotion of best practice.

In February 2019, The Council of Governors signed an MOU with the USIU-Africa to kick off the partnership to document county initiatives. Since then, COG with support from World Bank organized a TOT for USIU Faculty on World Bank knowledge capturing and documentation model.

The program seeks to equip the participants with critical skills in knowledge capturing, and to support to sensitize them on value of building capacity for capturing county knowledge and sharing it to enhance the success of devolution.

Workshop Objectives:

By the end of the training, the participants should:

1. Appreciate why systematic capturing of operational experiences and lessons learned is critical for more effective service delivery in the counties;

2. Identify which operational knowledge needs to be documented;

3. Appreciate the range of appropriate and relevant techniques and tools to identify, capture, validate and format experiences and lessons learned to produce knowledge assets;

4. Become part of the network of students documenting best practices in various counties.

Expected Outputs:

a) Knowledge assets developed by each group of participants in the form of (a) short crisp write-ups and (b) video clip.

b) Commitment to document county innovations, good practices and initiatives by students during their attachment period in the counties


This two-day workshop will:

1. Use a highly interactive and participatory process that focuses on action learning using real cases from counties.

2. Share and demonstrate the use of tools and templates for identification, capturing, validation, and formatting the knowledge.

3. Demonstrate the benefits of academic institutions engaging in county knowledge documentation.

Country wide
Gender, Youth, Sports
• Thursday Jul 11, 2019 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM • Friday Jul 12, 2019 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
• USIU-Africa Main Campus Library Bookshop

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