Kisumu County Launches a Sustainable Mobility Plan


Kisumu County has experienced rapid economic and population growth, resulting in high rates of urbanization and motorization. Conventional planning solutions have focused more on addressing the needs of motorists, neglecting the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport users. To address these challenges, the County recently launched the Kisumu Sustainable Mobility Plan, with technical support from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) and UN-Habitat, which aims to improve the accessibility and convenience of non-motorized transport (NMT), such as walking and cycling, and to encourage the use of public transport. As part of the effort to prioritize pedestrians in Kisumu, the reconstruction of 1.5KM of walkways along Oginga Odinga Street, Ang’awa Avenue, and Jomo Kenyatta Highway has been undertaken, transforming the central business district into a walking and shopping-friendly space. The County aims to sensitize its residents on the benefits of non-motorized transport by hosting additional car-free days and implementing additional NMT initiatives.

The Kisumu Sustainable Mobility Plan represents a significant step towards achieving equitable mobility in the city, promoting sustainable access to jobs, education, and leisure facilities while also improving the environment and reducing traffic congestion. It is an important step in Kisumu's path to becoming a prosperous, equitable, and sustainable city that serves the needs of all its residents.


Relevant County:
Date of Publication:
8 February, 2023

Mercy Gatabi & Ian Njuguna

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