Alcohol, Drug And Substance Abuse Management Mombasa County

Best Practice In Alcohol, Drug And Substance Abuse Management Mombasa County

Mombasa remains a high burden alcohol and drug abuse County, Coastal baseline survey conducted by NACADA in May 2016, revealed that 45.2% of the Coastal residents ever used substances of abuse in their life time with Kilifi County leading in terms of ever use of at least one substance of abuse (55.9%) followed by Mombasa 51.0%, Kwale 44.3%, Taita Taveta 43.1%, Lamu 40.3% and Tana River 39.7%. Mombasa County recognizes that Control of drugs and pornography is the mandate of County Governments as provided in Schedule IV of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The County thus has an established alcohol and substance abuse Control unit which is functional.
1. Primary prevention of harm related to alcohol and drug abuse, the activities aim at prevention of drug abuse behavior. The target populations are parents, youth in school and out of school.
2. Harm reduction This targets people who use drugs, the interventions are treatment and rehabilitation.
3. Implementation of alcohol and drug abuse at workplace (workplace policy)-aims at prevention of alcohol and drug abuse among county staff and treatment and rehabilitation of the affected staff.
4. Inspecting and licensing drug rehabilitation and treatment centers.
5. County specific research to inform evidence based decisions and interventions.
1. Primary prevention of harm related to alcohol and drug abuse, the activities aims at prevention of drug abuse behavior:
a) 100 Schools were reached through outreaches on Alcohol and drug use information.
b) 320 health workers were trained on drug abuse management.
c) Conducted 3 international day against drugs abuse and illicit trafficking marked on 26th June each year.
d) Conducted several community dialogues where members of the public are given an opportunity to dialogue with the county on the drugs problem and way forward.
e) Held several parenting forums where parents are sensitized on effective parenting.
f) Held several youth forums.
g) Currently developing effective parenting tips booklet for ADA prevention.
h) Creation of awareness on alcohol and drugs in primary schools through Essays and ART where 800 essays/ART work were written and 40 best were awarded.
i) Advocacy through local radio stations.
j) Amending relationships where we join

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25 August, 2022

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