Vihiga’s Kaimosi Water Project Uses Solar Energy to reduce the cost of producing quality, accessible and affordable water for all


The County Government of Vihiga, through elaborate public participation, established an additional water scheme, the Kaimosi Water Scheme which serves Kaimosi as well as Maseno University and Yala. The new station runs sustainably on green/renewable energy — solar and hydropower, saving the County KSh 250,000 monthly. Before the use of solar energy, the County would pay KSh 500,000 to KPLC for water pumping electricity bills in Kaimosi. The station provides 2.5 million litres of clean, safe, accessible and affordable water per day for drinking, recreation and irrigation. This caters to 80% of the demand. The 20% is obtained from boreholes, local springs, shallow wells and rivers. Plans are underway to expand water provision to 100% through multiple strategies.

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Relevant County:
Date of Publication:
13 March, 2023

Zipporah Muthama

Jane Kimbwarata

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