The County Government of Nyeri has proactively addressed youth unemployment by providing internship opportunities to over 500 graduates in different County departments. This strategic initiative, which commenced in 2020 and has continued for the past three years, aims to not only tap into fresh talent but also mitigate the high rate of joblessness among the youth in the County. According to the 2019 Kenya Population Census, a staggering 5,341,182 individuals, accounting for 38.9 percent of the total youth population of 13,777,600, were unemployed.

To encourage a broad and diverse range of applicants, the County Government promotes these year-long internship opportunities on its website and various social media platforms. Interested candidates undergo a shortlisting process and are subsequently invited for in-person interviews at the County headquarters in Nyeri town. Despite the substantial number of applications received, only 200 graduates are ultimately selected to intern across the different County departments.

To support their learning experience and cover basic expenses, the interns are provided with a monthly stipend of Ksh 10,000. This allowance aids in transportation and food costs as they acquire valuable skills within their assigned County departments. To maintain fairness and prevent non-residents or individuals who have already benefitted from the program from reapplying, the County Government's online application system ensures that such applicants are promptly declined. Furthermore, applicants are required to upload and present verification details during the physical interview process.

By implementing this comprehensive strategy, the County Government of Nyeri has effectively assigned interns to all departments, enabling them to assist County employees in various tasks. This approach not only alleviates employee burnout but also addresses the issue of neglected departments. Through these efforts, the County Government is actively contributing to the empowerment of its youth and overall growth.


Relevant County:
Date of Publication:
8 June, 2023

Nzei Mwende

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