Murang’a County Doubles Revenue Collection Through Automation

Murang’a County Doubles Revenue Collection Through Automation

Manual revenue collection is susceptible to manipulation, corruption and mismanagement. With innovation and digitization of services, countries are moving towards digital revenue collection spaces for accuracy, transparency, accountability and prudent use of public resources. Most Counties still use old methods of collecting revenue with only a few services being available online. There are Counties that have embedded certain services within their websites, but often these websites are not operational hence making it hard for residents to access the said services.

Through collaboration with partners, some Counties like Kajiado have managed to install an online system for collecting revenue. Others like Murang’a and Kilifi have designed their own internal online system of revenue collection.

In Murang’a County, there were cases of theft of collected revenue and there are times fraudsters would pose as County officials and demand for money from traders. In order to overcome these problems, Murang’a County has now automated its revenue collection systems by developing a code that provides all services with a simple click on mobile phones.   

 Implementation of the practice

In October 2022, through the ICT Department, the County piloted an automated system  by creating payment links that use  a specific code from Safaricom (a Kenyan communication company).   By dialing *267# the residents were requested to register for the services. The code allowed payment for services like car parking, market taxes, hospital payment of laboratory services, land rates, quarry, and veterinary services.

The codes and links were thereafter tested in the following locations: Car parking in Murang’a town, Mukuyu Market, hospital services in Muranga’a level 5, and quarry at Kandundu.

The system was developed by the existing County staff in the ICT and Finance Department over a period of four months from September to December 2022 and fully launched in January 2023. This reduced the cost of hiring a consultant.

To sustain this initiative, the County Executive has generated a draft policy on the digitization of revenue collection and the same has been forwarded to the County Assembly for approval.

The office of the Governor has a server that is connected to a smartphone, which shows real-time revenue collection. With this, the Governor can monitor which services are bringing in more revenue and make decisions on ways to improve the services.

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Date of Publication:
26 April, 2023

Nzei Mwende

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