Kilifi County Unveils A Digital Platform For Applying Building Permits

Kilifi County Unveils A Digital Platform For Applying Building Permits

The County Government of Kilifi has unveiled a digital development application platform to help investors get quick approval of their building permits. This strategy, known as Ki-Dams is aimed to help residents to apply for their permits at home without having to visit the County offices. With this strategy the County Government is also working towards solving corruption cases which emerge from physical interactions between County officials and development investors in need of quick and unlawful services. This platform has also aided planners, surveyors, engineers and contractors in assessing quick permits and certificates.

The digital application which anchored in the building permit sector on the E-government platform also creates an investor friendly environment to not only attract more investors and create more jobs for residents but also allow foreign investors to apply for services like approval of building plans while still in their countries. The same platform also supports the application of consolidation certificate as well as the application of the electronic extension of user certificates and lease certificates among other services.

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Date of Publication:
3 August, 2021

Nzei Mwende

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