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From policy and evidence to action Counties perspectives on teenage pregnancy in Kenya

What are the drivers of teenage pregnancies in Counties? Have they changed over time or they have remained the same over the years?

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Jul 30 2020, 08:26 pm   A M.


PovPoverty Many counties in Kenya operate from alevel of poverty. With many of the people who live in these counties livingbelow a dollar a day. The best to make money is to use their children as a wayof making money. This is done by negotiating their daughters as child brides, havetheir daughters exchange themselves for sex, for instance sex for fish in Migoricounty.

· Lack of education Most Counties in Kenya haveresidents who have a basic education or no education at all. Research showsthat parents who lack education are more likely to not send their daughtersback to school once they fall pregnant.

· Lack of youth friendly clinics Young people inthe counties lack a place where they can get information on SRH andrelationships. Where there are clinics the staff are not friendly and tend toshun off the youth. This basically means that young people have no place t getinformation on SRH. With a lack of knowledge young people are more likely tofall pregnant.

· Our counties lack youth recreation centers. Themere fact that youth have a lot of time on their hands is dangerous. Youngpeople constantly need to be engaged this engagement will make it possible forthem to not involve themselves in sexual activities. As all the energy theypossess will need to be directed somewhere else this is usually sex leading toteenage pregnancies.

· Counties in Kenya lack reporting mechanisms whenit comes to sexual abuse. A lack of reporting mechanisms means that when youngpeople are sexually abused they have no where to report to and nowhere to askfor help from. Even when reporting is done most cases go nowhere.

The The drivers of teenage pregnancy in the different counties in Kenya have not changed over time. They have remained constant and are the same over the years.

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