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Maintaining safe and sustainable transport operations during the Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19)

What mitigation measures should public transport adopted to maintain continuous secure and sustainable transport system in view of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Jul 22 2020, 08:48 am   Kenneth N.
Other than the already set out measures and guidelines given by MOH, there are a few more measures that can be done by individual commuter companies as well as the passengers in farther foreseeing a secure public transport in the wake of this pandemic.
One that is key and should be mandatory is maintaining high levels of cleanliness in the vehicle.
Secondly: air purification of the vehicle.
Third: use cashless payment options.
Lastly, the public transport should have cameras to enable in tracing the contact persons.
And this for the government, we all appreciate the privacy of persons info. However , the pandemic is affecting all of us and the more we are aware of who and whom is infected the better we are in contact tracing and we are able to also present ourselves for testing if I was in contact with the said infected person. This will help to quickly stop farther spread of the virus..
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Jul 22 2020, 10:12 am   Evans kipruto k.
Thank you Ken for bringing up this important measures that transport operators need to adopt in order to ensure that we cut back the spread of corona virus in the Country.
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Jul 22 2020, 09:34 pm   dylan ogaga o.
can the transport sector increase air ventilation ?.as for me a puplic transport administrator should make sure their vessels are able to allow air circulation in the vehicles so that we can be corfortable and also breathe with ease i heard that them bacterias dont do well in fresh air wich will also for the aged who i say cough alot, thier bacterias can gerout to the atmosphere and be exterminated by the air
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Jul 27 2020, 11:22 am   Rahab M.

Public Transportis recognized as an essential service which has remained in operation duringthe Covid 19 crisis. This essential role of PT is not represented enough in theresource allocation such as the economic stimulus package. There is need to organiseand support the industry to get back to business while at the same time controlthe spread. Respecting social distancing, sanitizing measures, temperaturechecking, contact tracing, passengers safety, cleaning-disinfection andinformation sharing. All this needs support from government for coordinationand funding. COG must rethink who is responsible to enforce the controls andensure the safety of both the drivers and passengers. Need for a sustainablesolution and funding mechanism to cover the gap and allow the informal sectorto keep operating for people.

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