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Maintaining safe and sustainable transport operations during the Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19)

What is the impact of COVID-19 on public transport and logistics disruptions?

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Jul 23 2020, 04:56 pm   Marcos M.
The impact of COVID 19 has impacted public transport and logistics in terms of transport and the number of trips made by the public transport vehicles. Reduced capacity and minimum reduced movements due to mass job losses and people working at home has resulted to increased transportation cost(fares)
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Jul 23 2020, 08:34 pm   Hitler Odhiambo O.
Well spoken by Mr. Marcos. I can't agree more. COVID has come unexpectedly. Today, bodaboda operators who happen to be mostly youths are desperate, life has change all over sudden, they're embarked in fishing to pay loans for motorbikes at the lakeside. Some have become lazier,lost in drugs and other illegalities.. I also see the small PSV vehicles such as 14 seater Nissans and probox,turn into agricultural products mobile shops, their owner have shifted to other business. The big transport companies have sent their employees home remaining with skeleton staff. At the lakeside, ferries and water busses make half number of trips they used to do. Life is expensive, people are desperate,Cries everywhere. People are not only afraid to travel due to the virus but also the new transport cost are alarming. Goods are nolonger reaching their respective markets in their numbers and in time. Something must be done
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