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Maintaining safe and sustainable transport operations during the Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19)

What are the major concerns, worries, fears, dilemmas and questions emerging from the reality of COVID-19 pandemic with regard to the transport operations across all Counties?

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Jul 20 2020, 08:43 pm   stephen o.

Parents of children who travel long distances to boarding schoolby public transport are worried about the safety of their children during transit. In the process they cross several Counties and make variousstop-overs, increasing risk transmission of COVID-19. What happens when many parents opt to relocate their children to schools closer to home leading to demand for mass transfers? How will Ministry of Education handle such a scenario?

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Jul 21 2020, 10:13 am   dylan ogaga o.
Can the transport sector increase air ventilation ?.as for me a puplic transport administrator should make sure their vessels are able to allow air circulation in the vehicles so that we can be corfortable and also breathe with ease i heard that them bacterias dont do well in fresh air wich will also for the aged who i say cough alot, thier bacterias can gerout to the atmosphere and be exterminated by the air
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Jul 21 2020, 05:51 pm   stephen o.
"them bacterias dont do well in fresh air": This is a good subject for research-I will read more about it.
Thank you for your recommendation.
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Jul 23 2020, 09:15 am   Hitler Odhiambo O.
Main concerns, worries, dilemmas and fear about COVID 19 pandemic impact on transport severely hit and resolve around the Public Transport Vessels. Majority of urban inhabitants commute daily to their jobs, traders have to dash and catch up with markets daily, pupils and students have to travel to school. Questions has been asked,and fear has grown about the cough droplets of a single infected passenger on a single seat that may end up infection upto a hundred passengers at the end of the day. Scientist have also proved that this virus can remain in contaminated surfaces such as vehicle handles, window pales, et al for more than day. This surfaces of a PSV are touched by several passengers in a single day. Another concern is about keeping social distance while on transit. This tend to be only half way possible on our roughly winding roads full of potholes that make the vehicles jumpy and sway the passangers back an forth.
Will the corrupted traffic police ever stop rubbing thumbs for bribe from greedy PSV drivers who ever carry excess passengers? Question.ofcourse the matatu thisdoes take place upto right now, amidst the pandemic.
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Jul 23 2020, 04:48 pm   Marcos M.
The risk of exposing toddlers to COVID 19 especially those below the age of 5years who find it uncomfortable to put on face masks. The rate at which public transport operators are flouting the MOH protocols and guidelines on social distancing especially in the rural areas is alarming. This exposed the consumers of public transport to the risk of contacting the virus bearing in mind that in the rural areas there are ignorant people who are taking news of the virus as a farce hence they disregarding preventive measures such as face masks.
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Jul 24 2020, 09:27 am O.
As youth on the ground my biggest concern is that there is very little and in some places no implementation and enforcement of the guidelines and measures being put into place... I would urge the government to ensure that is strict adherence to the guidelines first before we giving any further directions as no implementation deems the measures put into place completely uselessness.
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Jul 24 2020, 10:09 am   stephen o.
I concur with the need to ensure implementation and enforcement of guidelines of public transport. A special case also is in many rural areas where many people are stuffed into matatus and probox, including in the boot of the probox.
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