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Safeguarding Operations and Financial Sustainability of Water Service Providers (WSPs) during COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency

What are some of the strategies that can create transformative water commitments that facilitate intersection of women/gender and inclusive water public service delivery?

Discussion Closes: Jul 10, 2020
Jun 28 2020, 04:20 pm   Queen K.
I emergencies like COVID19 where WASH activities are very crucial to reducing spread of COVID19 and where establishing functional hand washing stations with water and soap are necessary to maintain hygiene and reduce infection it is important to note that women and girls are the main water users/handlers of water because of food processing and cleaning. Women understand the scarcity of water and understand better how to do more with little and therefore:
  1. 1. ensure women are in the leadership of WASH programmes at policy and service delivery entry points and participate in water and natural resources management platforms.
  • 2. train women on water as a humanrights and equip them with appropriate skills. These skills will be transferred to their household members and thus ensuring sustainability.
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