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Safeguarding Operations and Financial Sustainability of Water Service Providers (WSPs) during COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency

What approaches have WSPs adopted to maintain continuous operations and equitable and inclusive services provision to customers in view of the COVID-19 guidelines for WSPs as provided by National government?

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Jul 7 2020, 01:13 pm   ANTONY A.
The WSPs have lobbied for Liquidity support from the National Government to be able to meet Direct Costs these include:
Grants for 1. Purchase of Chemicals
2. Payment of Electricity Bills
3. Payment of Personnel Costs

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Jul 7 2020, 04:03 pm   Laura C.
Thanks for sharing this, it will be useful note the feedback once the request is reviewed.
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Jul 7 2020, 06:40 pm   Barbara S.
This is a timely and interesting conversation. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
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