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Health is one of the Big 4 Pillars. The 6thAnnual Devolution Conference provides a key opportunity for prioritizing actions to be addressed in the sector, through the Conference resolutions. The Overall Conference theme is “Deliver. Transform. Measure. Remaining Accountable. The Conference is structured to address issues in the Big 4 sectors and associated enablers, and will discuss the following Health sub-themes:

§ Sub theme 1: Providing status of UHC

§ Sub theme 2: Review of the Enablers of for UHC

§ Sub theme 3: Setting targets

Health stakeholders are enthusiastic as demonstrated by the high level of attendance at the Health sector planning meetings. The sector stakeholders will therefore have the opportunity to practically interrogate the factors that will accelerate the implementation of the Universal Health Coverage, which is about access and affordability. Even though the sector has positioned itself to ensure every stakeholder get opportunity to effectively participate at the conference, not all key stakeholders may find time to attend. Those who may not attend will therefore be catered for through the formation of the health sector Community of Practice (COP) sessions where they will be provided a chance to contribute to the proceedings. The COP will start on 13 Feb 2019 and end on 31 March 2019.

Objectives of the Health Sector COP

1. Provide opportunity to the health sector stakeholders to share to share knowledge and recommend solutions in addressing issues and challenges that undermine quality health care in the Counties.

2. To consolidate and share emerging recommendations which should be considered as part of the Resolutions of the 6thAnnual Devolution Conference by 2ndMarch 2019.

3. The COP provides a platform that will enable practitioners to continue conversations on critical issues and take action on health sector resolutions even beyond the Conference.

Specific role of COP members

As a member of the COP on Health, you are invited to contribute your views by responding to the following questions in line with the health sector sub themes.

Questions / Topics in ′Health′

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