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Food and Nutrition Security is one of the Big 4 Pillars. The 6thAnnual Devolution Conference provides a key opportunity for prioritizing actions to be addressed in the sector, through the Conference resolutions. The Overall Conference theme is Deliver. Transform. Measure. Remaining Accountable. The Conference is structured to address issues in the Big 4 sectors and associated enablers, and will discuss the following agriculture sub-themes:

  1. Sub theme 1: Taking stock
  2. Sub theme 2: Enablers of Agricultural Transformation
  3. Sub theme 3: Commitments and priorities

Most practitioners and stakeholders in the agriculture sector might not have the opportunity of attending the Devolution Conference. This notwithstanding, the views and expert opinions from all stakeholders is key in designing the sector development trajectory. It is upon this premise that the COP was developed to allow for sharing of ideas, strategies and interventions that can shape the future of agriculture. This is expected to build the momentum as the zero countdown to the devolution Conference begins. The COP will start on 13 Feb 2019 and end on 31 March 2019.

Objectives of the Agriculture Sector COP

1. Enable practitioners within the agriculture sector toshare knowledge and recommend solutions for addressing issues and challenges thatundermine food and nutrition security in Counties.

2. To consolidate and share emerging recommendations aspart of the resolutions of the 6th Annual Devolution Conference by 2ndMarch 2019.

3. The COP provides a platform that will enablepractitioners to continue conversations on critical issues and take action onthe agriculture sector resolutions even beyond the Conference.

Specific role of COP members

As a member of the COP onAgriculture, you are invited to contribute your views by responding to thefollowing questions in line with the agriculture sector sub themes.

Questions / Topics in ′Agriculture′

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