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County Economic Blocs

1.0 Introduction

CountyEconomic Blocs were established as one of the innovative strategies fordelivering the objects of devolution in Counties. They were formed to facilitate efficientdelivery of some of the functions given under the Fourth Schedule of theConstitution of Kenya 2010, greater inter-county cooperation and consultation. Theblocs also serve as platforms to facilitate joint planning for those programsand projects that would be more efficiently carried out through joint effort. Seven County Economic Blocs have been formedto spur investment and inter-county trade, namely: (1) Jumuiya ya Kaunti zaPwani; (2) South East Kenya Economic Bloc; (3) Frontier Counties DevelopmentCouncil; (4) Central Kenya Economic Bloc; (5) Narok-Kajiado Economic Bloc; (6) NorthRift Economic Bloc, and; (7) Lake Region Economic Bloc.

A draftpolicy is in place to provide a framework for the operations of the economicblocs.

2.0 Devolution Conference as a platform forCounty Economic Blocs

The 6thAnnual Devolution Conference provides a key opportunity for prioritizingactions to be addressed in the sector, through the Conference resolutions. The Overall Conference theme is “Deliver. Transform. Measure. Remaining Accountable”. The Conference isstructured to address issues in the Big 4 sectors and associated enablers, and willdiscuss the following sub-themes:

  1. Sub theme 1:
  2. Sub theme 2:
  3. Sub theme 3:
  4. Sub theme 4:

Effectiveness of County County Economic Blocs will be discussed (asan enabler for the Big Four) under

3.0 Justification of Community of Practiceon “Effectiveness of County Economic Blocs”

Mostpractitioners and stakeholders who have an interest in the County EconomicBlocs might not have the opportunity of attending the Devolution Conference. Unfortunately, most of those who will attendwill not have a chance to incorporate their concerns and recommendations onsolutions for achieving effectiveness of the blocs. The COP will start on 13 Feb 2019 and end on 31 March 2019.

4.0 Objectives of the Agriculture SectorCOP

1. Enable stakeholders with an interest on the CountyEconomic Blocs to share knowledge and recommend solutions for addressing issuesand challenges that undermine effectiveness of the blocs.

2. To consolidate and share emerging recommendations forenhancing effectiveness of County Economic Blocs as part of the resolutions ofthe 6th Annual Devolution Conference by 2nd March 2019.

3. The COP contributions will be incorporated in ExpertOpinion Pieces to be published in local dailies.

4. The COP provides a platform that will enablepractitioners and stakeholders to continue conversations on critical issues andact on emerging resolutions even beyond the Devolution Conference 2019.

5.0 Specific role of COP members

As a member of the COP on “Effectiveness of County Economic Blocs”,you are invited to contribute your views by responding to the followingquestions in line with the structure of the corresponding plenum at the 6thAnnual Devolution conference.

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