County M&E Officers Orientation: Capturing Solutions For Learning And Scaling Up



  •   Tuesday May 07, 2019 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  •   Wednesday May 08, 2019 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  •   Thursday May 09, 2019 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


  •   Kenya School of Government, Lower Kabete, Nairobi

CoG Maarifa Centre is on a mission to build capacity for knowledge management in Kenya and to support the identification and documentation of county innovations, best practices, and other successful initiatives that are transforming service delivery in the country. CoG Maarifa Centre encourages the sharing of information on the performance of the counties in the execution of their functions with the objective of learning and promotion of best practice.

Under this program, CoG Maarifa Centre with support from World Bank seeks to train County M&E Officers who have been found suitable to pioneer implementation of this activity by counties. This workshop will provide them with documentation training.
Workshop Objectives:
By the end of the training, the participants should:

  1. Understand why systematic capturing of operational experiences and lessons learned is critical for more effective service delivery;
  2. Understand which operational knowledge needs to be documented;
  3. Create awareness on the appropriate and relevant techniques and tools to identify, capture, validate and format experiences and lessons learned to produce knowledge assets;
  4. Become part of a network of knowledge workers and systematically document solutions for learning and scaling up.
  5. Serve as Maarifa focal persons, to offer support/guidance to University students on attachment in counties, who will be documenting best practices there.

Expected Outputs:

  1. Knowledge assets developed by each group of participants in the form of (a) flyer, (b) PPT presentation and/or (c) video clip.
  2. Commitment secured to serve as champions to help respective counties to identify own innovations, good practices and initiatives that can be documented.
  3. Consensus on the number of promising best practices to be documented, and the frequency.


This workshop will:

  1. Use a highly interactive and participatory process that focuses on action learning using real cases from counties.
  2. Share and demonstrate the use of tools and templates for identification, capturing, validation, and formatting the knowledge.
  3. Demonstrate the nexus between the M&E role and knowledge documentation.

Target and Number of Participants: County M&E Officers from all the 47 counties.

Sector: All Sectors
County: Country wide
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