Kajiado County Government Sets Up Sh26 Million Project To Help Employ 900 Women


Kajiado county government has set up a 26 million shillings project that will see more than 900 unemployed women absorbed into unskilled labour force in the county. According to a recent survey by the county government, majority of the local women in Kajiado are illiterate with no source of income thus are fully dependant their polygamous husbands. The project shall engage the unemployed women into formal employment under the Ministry of Trade. Previously, the county government of Kajiado was forced to employ women from other counties in respect to the two-thirds gender rule as most local women do not qualify for formal employment in the county. Kajiado hopes to use the project to bridge the gap and boost these women economically. The first phase is earmarked to begin next month with women currently engaged in rigorous orientation program.Trade CEC Jacqueline Koin say these women will have an opportunity to learn entrepreneurship skills.

Source: NTV Kenya

County: Kajiado
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