Mechanization Of Agriculture, Fertilizer Subsidy & Certified Seeds


Siaya County government, in a move to protect locals from food shortage and cushion farmers from high costs of farming, has embarked of supplying certified seeds to farmers to boost food security.

In 2014, the county reaped 130, 500 metric tons of maize. Following the launch of the programme, the county’s the yields have improved by 41 per cent in 2018. Since the introduction of mechanised farming, 30 per cent of the county’s farmers have used tractors to till their land

The county has also distributed 90.8 metric tons of assorted seeds to farmers and 3,000 bags of subsidised fertiliser. This has cut production costs by 30 per cent. An additional 38.8 metric tons of assorted drought resistant seeds were given to farmers in the region in 2018.

The seeds included sorghum and maize and 5,000 bags of fertiliser while the fertilisers include 2,400 bags of DAP and 600 bags of CAN. The county government has also purchased 14 tractors and hired 30 others to increase area under cultivation in the six sub-counties of Siaya. Hiring the tractors cost Sh1, 850 per acre compared to Sh3, 000 charged by private owners.

In 2014 two-kilograms of maize would go for Sh140, but since farmers got subsidized seeds and fertilisers the prices have reduced to Sh50 for the same quantity.

Sector: Agriculture
County: Siaya
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