Mango Value Addition Processing Plant Muranga


In order to control fruit prices in and out of season and also curtailing wastage of mangoes in during the peak season, Kambiti East Mango Farmers Association make mango crisps, mango flour and dried mango flakes (slices). Armed with a solar dryer in the dry Kambiti, the 15-member-group is drying mangoes and selling them as tasty crisps and powdered mango snacks.

The group has leased out a half-acre piece of mango farmstead that hosts the group’s makeshift office and office station. Upon arrival at the center, the mangoes, are weighed, washed, graded, then peeled, chopped into slices then put in the dryers to dry. The mango crisps and flour are finally packed into sachets and labelled, ready for sale.

The cooperative the eco-friendly solar dryer system to dry the mangoes. The system comprises of a white solar tent and a solar collector which is simply a black paper foil covering the whole floor and the drying chamber which is a system of trays arranged on racks. Heated air is conducted to the drying racks and passed over the mango crisps that are arranged on the trays. The heat gradually absorbs all the water in the element being dried. Kambiti East Mangoes also procured a steam dryer that dries mangoes in a shorter time.

The group also dries and sells bananas, pineapples, cassava, pumpkins, tomatoes, moringa and green vegetables.

County: Murang'a
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