West Pokot Boosts Food Security By Reviving Turkwel Dam And Giving Fish Farmers With Fingerlings And Fishing Boats


Fish farmers in West Pokot County are receiving fingerlings and fishing boats from the County government in an effort to improve food security. The County through this initiative has managed to restock 150,000 fingerlings in Turkwel Dam and provided training to the local fish farmers on how to improve fish production in the County. With increasing drought and malnutrition, the County government had to find a way to boost food security in the area. In the quest for alternative ways to generate food, the County settled on fishing, hence closing the Turkwel Dam for six months and reviving it for fishing purposes.

The County restocks the fingerlings after every eight months to ensure that there is continuous fishing harvesting. The County restocks and monitors fishing processes in the dam with the help of the Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA),. Through this initiative, the local farmers who depend on fishing selling as their major source of income have improved their living standards. Currently, the County is constructing a fish production unit which will be in charge of supplying fingerlings to more dams.

Sector: Agriculture
County: West-Pokot
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