West Pokot Increases Class Enrollment In Early Childhood Development Education Centres Through The Feeding Programme And Establishment Of More Centres.


Early Childhood Development Education Centres in West Pokot have increased enrollment from 48,448 in 2015 to 74,462 in 2020. This increase in enrollment has partly been influenced by the school feeding programme that provides porridge to all pupils in public schools. With many families still recovering from the COVID-19 impacts, this feeding programme has supported families that cannot afford to provide three meals a day to their children. The porridge contains vitamins and minerals which help fight malnutrition among young children in the County.

The establishment of new centres close to home has also seen class attendance and enrollment improve. Previously, students would walk for kilometres to get to school. This long-distance trekking forced some to lose motivation and quit school, translating to poor class attendance. In 2015, there were 600 ECDE centres in the County and by 2021, the number had doubled to 1215.

Increased enrollment has come with some budgetary challenges, which calls for more budget allocation for porridge flour for every school term. The County Government has also stopped procuring outside contractors and switched to community labour-based skilled people to build the ECDE centres. The community elects a seven-member committee to oversee the construction of new ECDE centres in the County. The Education Department approves the budgets for the construction of new centres.

Sector: Education
County: West-Pokot
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