Nakuru County Lowers Post Harvest Losses By Introducing An Electronic Warehouse Storage System


The County Government of Nakuru has collaborated with Warehouse Receipt System Council to support and encourage farmers to avoid selling their goods at a throw away price. With increased production and market saturation, most farmers in the County have been experiencing post-harvest losses.

To provide a solution to the challenge The County Government of Nakuru introduced an electronic system where farmers will be taking their harvested goods in selected warehouses for storage. The farmers will be given receipts showing the type of product that is stored in the warehouse as well as the date of storage and number of sacks in kilograms. The storage in these certified warehouses is at the highest required preservation standards including temperatures and other general conditions like hygiene.

This initiative is aimed to support small scale farmers to get profit from their produce by avoiding the long chain that involves middlemen who in most cases happen to end up taking the lion’s share from the farmers. The stored agricultural goods will also appreciate especially when the market gets less saturated with a certain commodity. The County Government is boosting the economy through the initiative and increasing food security in Nakuru.

Sector: Agriculture
County: Nakuru
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