County Climate Change Fund Adaptation Intervention Through Provision Of Clean And Safe Water By Constructing A Sand Dam, Sump Tank And Distribution Lines For Ngai Ndethya Area In Mtito Andei Ward In Makueni County


Shortage of clean and adequate water in Ngai Ndethya and Kambu/Kathekani location for domestic use and agricultural activities often led to food shortage, disease and conflicts over shallow wells for watering animals, especially during the dry season.

Through participatory vulnerability capacity assessment for climate change, the community prioritised the construction of a sand dam to harvest adequate sand to store water, sump tank to harvest water from the soil, distribution lines from the sump tank to tanks in water kiosks to shorten the distance travelled to fetch water and installation of solar panels to pump water at reduced cost while also reducing carbon emmisions. The Makueni County Climate Change Fund Board funded the project while the County water engineers did the survey and design of the project. The Project Management Committee and the Sustainability Committee represented the community.

Residents can now access water with ease and convenience even during dry season. This has resulted in improved sanitation and the emergence of micro-irrigation and kitchen garden farming.

Is your community partnering with your County to identify climate change hazards and solutions?

County: Makueni
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