Lamu County Creates WhatsApp Groups To Interact With The Residents


The Lamu County government is using WhatsApp groups to update the residents on topical issues affecting society. The WhatsApp application approach is targeting the 37% of Lamu’s youthful population aged 20-39, where key discussions like how to mitigate COVID-19 pandemic are conducted. Through this the County receives feedback on how the residents

are dealing with the challenges that come with the pandemic in all aspects of their social life. This approach which involves citizen interaction and participation has been useful in collecting views on the just concluded budgeting process among other County matters. The targeted audience being youth from different household pass to collect information from older generations (elderly) through videos and voice notes and give feedback to the County for their action. Stakeholder mapping is key in achieving this as the county can have specific groups for Youth, Women, PWDs, Businesses, Farmers, Professionals, Elderly, Faith based Groups to identify their priorities as the County rolls out programs.

County: Lamu
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