Kisumu County 60 Day Campaign To Counter Community Negligence Of COVID 19 Protocols Bears Fruit

When COVID-19 hit Kenya in March 2019, there was panic due to its novelty and the mystery surrounding it back then, which prompted the Kisumu County Department for Health and Sanitation to launch a call centre to constantly communicate infection prevention and control measures and to receive community alerts, distress calls and response due to the rising cases of COVID-19 in the County.For fear of infection, the community became vigilant and proactively called into report suspected COVID-19 victims or those flouting containment measures.
But by November 2020, the Department noted a laxity in adhering to the protocols despite continued communication. The County also noted an increase in positive cases from15 positive cases in September, to 31 cases in October, and 25 in November 2020. Some community members alleged that politicians were not getting coronavirus, that all infected patients had died, and that the disease was for the rich. As a result, the County launched a 60-day multi-pronged community engagement campaign on behaviour change in December 2020. It involved roadshows and radio talk shows in national and local languages on holiday behavioural change and the distribution of319 reusable masks to the vulnerable. After the campaign, the positive cases reduced to10 in December 2020 and 2 in January 2021. There were no new COVID-19 admissions in February 2021.The County’s COVID-19 response centre’s toll number is 0800 720 575.Do you know your County’s COVID-19 toll-free number?
County: Kisumu
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