Kajiado County Embraces Private Sector Patented Innovation Dubbed M Riziki To Scale Up Digital Food Distribution To Vulnerable Groups


A communications agency, Empiris Creative Communication Ltd., realised there was a need for a better strategy and approached a software development company, Fashionnaire Corporation Ltd., to help develop a virtually integrated system. When the system was completed, the agency dubbed it M-Riziki. The system innovation would remove the need for a gathering of large crowds for food. M-Riziki has web and mobile-enabled features that facilitate seamless flow of relief food and other items from donor to the beneficiaries through pre-selected shops. It is a virtually integrated innovation that enables vulnerable groups to get 'free' food, paid for by a financier (National Government or County Governments, organisations or individuals) through existing stores in the beneficiaries’ locality and the e-commerce interaction is enabled, and the financial totals witnessed by all stakeholders back-end.

Sector: Agriculture
County: Kajiado


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